I am a software developer working for the Institutional Analytics and Reporting team at Oregon State University.

My colleagues endearingly refer to me as the Swiss Army knife of the team. I provide data infrastructure support, maintain a couple ASP.NET applications, and revolutionized our workflow by bringing Jira and Confluence to the team.

We are currently architecting a cloud solution in AWS to increase the performance, security, and availability of our data infrastructure. When we realized no existing product could be configured out of the box to accommodate the university's complex security model, I co-developed a Snowflake management tool we call Elsa.

When I'm not at work you might find me working on cars or improving my skills as a driver. I also find time to play the bass guitar and work on this site occasionally. I started the site in June 2017 and there are still many things I'd like to add. If I'm honest I don't think I'll ever really be finished, so come back every once in a while if you like what you see. Thanks for stopping by!

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